The Depression Test

Q: Are you easily irritated?

Q: Lost of appetite?

Q: Has the thought of suicide or death crossed your mind?

Q: Have any behavior changes been noticed by others around you?

Q: Have you experienced fatigue or loss of energy?

Q: Have you experienced changes in sleeping pattern?

Q: Do you have random feelings of explained guilt?

Q: Are you unable to concentrate and remember things?

Q: Are you lacking energy throughout your day?

If (5) questions out of (9) were answered “Yes” you may be experiencing clinical depression.


  1. says

    Depression is a real disease, like diabetes. It is a constant battle daily for those who are affected with this horrible disorder. What can loved ones do to help? Get familiar with the disorder, by reading and being sympathetic and empathic. There is nothing worse, than hearing someone say…..just fluff up…it can’t be that bad! It’s a lonely battle, and hopefully those who have depression, get help with God’s grace…medicine and therapy.

      • Pat says

        Was on anti-depress-meds for years. Diagnosed as clinically depressed. But decided several years ago to gradually get off. Now I get UP with life through God and removing myself from my own depressed state. Still get down now and again but I get UP!!! Much love Doc. You have some great advice and I share most of them!!! 😉

      • says

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  2. miriam vale says

    I want to find ways to use money to make money, this may sound like greed but it’s not. I want to achieve success in helping others here in the states who are less fortunate. Why spend or give away money to corporations that show us pictures of the poor in spirit,soul and most of all hunger in our own backyard.

  3. von stith says

    Can seem to shake my depression. Death seems better than living most days. Medications, ( I’ve been on most all) don’t seem to help much. Illnesses in myself and husband have complicated life. Marriage of 32 years becoming more difficult. Lack of communication, sympathy, empathy and respect is killing the marriage as far as I’m concerned. My husband doesn’t view things as desperate as I. He’s taken care of by me. I’m not getting my needs met and have told him so over the past few years but he seems to invalidate my feelings. Yep, death seems much more enticing now.

    • persephone says

      I understand depression, and have been dealing with it without meds for over 20 years now.

      In my experience, the best thing I have found is to do what you feel will make things better, or make you feel more at peace. I have learned to remind myself that one of the main triggers for upset is thinking wayyy too much. You have to get zen about things and just stop thinking sometimes. I’m serious. STOP THINKING.

      Start doing.

      These are words that I am sure that you’ve heard before. But I am certain, due to what you wrote, that you have not acted upon many of them. If you make no changes, your trajectory remains constant unless acted upon by an outside force (which leaves you out of control, and you don’t want that)..

      Get rid of toxic things and people. Let go, and refrain from feeling guilt for taking control and responsibility for your life. Make no apologies for that and do not allow someone’else’s problems to become yours, EVEN IF they are your mother, father, sibling, spouse, and sometimes child.

      Do it now, as the present is no better time to start toward your happiness and more importantly, PEACE.


      • naomi says

        I have let someone rob me for many years of my happiness and I realize now that ive waited for a life time to find that someone that treats me like a queen and does his very best to stand beside me through thick and thin, but as for me and everyone around me its getting really old hearing the same story repeated over and over. first it was a husband with drug additions and he passed away, and now its our 22 year old son that has caused more than enough pain, with his addiction. I thought this story was suppose to happen to someone else not me. he has been in out of jail and there now, again. I find my self not enjoying life, not interested in much, I know I’m being so unfair to my husband. he tries so hard to make me happy and m scared this problem will eventually be enough for him.. ive tried to let it go and let god take control, but i always feel guilty like there is something else I should do to try and help him,. i want this night mare to be over. i feel like ive lost him almost like a death. thanks for letting me vent.

    • merce says

      I’m also going through some of the things you are with my husband and it’s hard to concentrate sometimes. He tells me everyone has problems and I should get over it.

  4. Hopeful says

    I couldn’t understand what I was going through until I read a passage about depression. Couldn’t understand why I felt the way I did. Been feeling suicidal. Life doesn’t make sense. Losing my pops, lost my apartment, quit my job and took care of father (extremely ill). Started to think it was me. Can’t understand why everything is happening at once. (Currently speaking). I’m not a saint but I make sure I say a prayer everyday hoping for a change. Still remaining faithful in my religious beliefs. Because it’s said with the faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. I realize I had to change my situation. I wouldn’t get up in the am unless it was to brin my daughter to school. The blinds were always closed. At times I would spend 2 days inside the house. I hardly ate. Started losing friends because they couldn’t understand what I was going through. (That’s how you weed out rotten friends). Every door in this apartment has a hole in it from me being pissed off. To the point where my daughter was scared to speak to me. So I made a decision to put my pops in a nursing home. I realize I had completely gave my life up for him. I begged, yelled and pleaded for my siblings to help me. But they simply either ignored me or went on with they’re lives. And it wasn’t fair to me or my daughter. I need some money and I need to find my purpose. I’m still going through it as we speak. I have no home to go to at this point and no money but God has blessed me. Find something or someone you’d want to live for. Remind yourself that a bad situation no matter how long is only temporary. And when it seems like everything around you is breaking apart, know that it’s only a set up for a better come back. Never lose hope. Fall 100 times get back up 1000 more times.

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