Meghan Markle has the ‘determination and drive’ to run for president and will ‘do good things’ in the White House, says estranged brother Thomas

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The estranged half-brother of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wouldn’t be surprised if she ran for President of the United States one day.

The American former actress, 40, who became a member of the British Royal Family when she married Prince Harry in 2018, has made no secret of her progressive politics since her move to California last year.

Thomas Markle Jr, who has the same father as Meghan but hasn’t spoken to her in a decade, told Australia’s New Idea magazine his ambitious sister could certainly make a move for the White House in the future.

‘She obviously has that personality and that determination and drive… it wouldn’t surprise me [if she ran for president],’ he said.

‘I just know, whatever endeavor she endures and puts her hands on, she will do good things. I wish her the best of luck, but absolutely if that’s what she’s going to put her sights on, she’ll go for it.’

Markle Jr, a 55-year-old window fitter from Oregon, added that Meghan always went after her dreams when she was growing up.

Royal biographer Tom Bower said in March Markle was ‘likely’ to launch a U.S. presidential campaign but would ‘struggle’ with the barrage of criticism levelled at politicians because she is ‘sensitive’.

Mr Bower said she would need to learn to ‘take the heat’ if she entered politics because they are the public figures who cop the most backlash from the press.

Speaking to Closer magazine, he added that Meghan would need to be a ‘team player’ and build up an army of loyal staff – something she appears to have experienced issues with during her life as a royal.

‘The prospect of Meghan running for president is possible and I’d even say likely. I really believe it’s where she sees herself going,’ he told the publication.

Bower, who is renowned for his unsparing, unauthorised biographies of towering figures including Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, said Meghan has ‘all the qualities’ needed for a strong political candidate, citing her drive, ambition, self-confidence, conviction and public speaking skills.

He claimed the former Suits star has ‘had her time’ in the acting world and is now aiming for the political stage, having already ‘masterminded’ a new life for her and Harry in California.

Mr Bower said when Meghan wants something done, it happens – pointing to the multimillion-dollar Netflix and Spotify deals she and Harry, 37, have secured, as well as the Oprah Winfrey interview which made headlines around the world as a result of their explosive claims about the Royal Family.

But the ‘major’ problem Meghan faces should she go into congress is the fact she is ‘clearly sensitive’, and while she may believe she’s had a difficult ride with the press so far, politicians face a barrage of criticism on a daily basis.

‘They’re probably the public figures who face the most backlash,’ Mr Bower told Closer. ‘I really think she would struggle. She’d need to learn to take the heat.’

He said another ‘problem’ is the fact that to get voted in and to build up a campaign, the Duchess would ‘need to be a team player’ and ‘build up a team of loyal staff’.

‘We’ve seen through the reports about her staff members quitting and moving on that she doesn’t seem to be able to hold onto her team,’ he observed.

Thomas Markle Jr is currently starring on Big Brother VIP, which continues Tuesday at 7:30pm on Channel Seven