February 27, 2019


By Farrah Gray It is interesting. I recently had an opportunity to meet gentleman who served as ‘Chaplain’ for a cancer treatment ward of a major Los Angeles hospital. He told me that he provided spiritual counsel too many people, from many different faith traditions, and from every economic strata…filthy rich to filthy poor.  After further talking, we found each other interesting enough to sit down for a brief chat, which quickly turned into a most engaging conversation about ‘Life Economics’. As we talked, the chaplain looked out of the window toward the Hollywood hills and referred to the disease […]
February 27, 2019

FBI Releases Its List of Most Violent Cities in America… Some of the Most Violent Cities Are White… (Has Fox News Seen This?)

FBI Statistics Show That Some of the Most Violent Cities in America Are White According to, a Gallup poll shows that the majority of U.S. citizens believe that crime is increasing, yet as a whole the nation’s crime rate has gone done significantly over the last several years. Every year, the FBI releases the Uniform Crime Report, its statistical interpretation of crime in America. The data is given to the federal agency by local law enforcement agencies. CBS looked at the cities with the most violent crimes: murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. Keep in mind, these rates don’t represent […]