Think Different Concept

Self-affirmation requires getting in touch with your personal history. Is it of critical importance to know what happened to you along the way and to figure out what you must do take full advantage of all that you have to offer. Can you identify ways that other people, early in your life got in the way of your coming to an understanding and acceptance of yourself?

In the first years of schooling, teachers seem to make a systematic effort to discourage children’s explorations into self. A child draws a house. The teacher says, “That is not how a house looks.”The child draws the house again, this time the way the teacher thinks it should look. The house is a “good” house, but it not the child’s house. It would not be fair to say that children are never given a chance to draw their own house. Sometimes they are allowed to try. But, in time they will draw the “right” (adult approved) house.

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