Why You Can’t Find The Job You’ll Love

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If you love your job, chances are you eagerly jump out of bed every morning and can’t wait to get to the office. However, if you are like most Americans, you are not currently working at the job you love.

Why? How come in this day and age of easy access to information and educational material, most people can’t find a gig they’d love? There are things that can get in the way.

Money. Sometimes the draw of a better salary prevents people from starting out in the job they really want. A friend is an aspiring music executive. He was offered a job in Atlanta to start out as a promotions assistant at a major record label. But when he was told how much the position paid, he had to turn it down. The beginner’s pay wouldn’t even cover his monthly rent.

Passion. This may be hard to believe, but it’s not enough. You may love running but don’t have the natural ability to be a world-class sprinter. Ask yourself the right questions, or that passion could go to waste, or worse, send you in the wrong direction. An example: Angel loves music. You can even say he is passionate about it. But he couldn’t hold a tune if his life depended on it. So instead of wasting time trying to be a music artist, he writes about music!

Hard work. Are you working so hard to make ends meet that you aren’t really working at what would make you happy? Finding the right gig doesn’t always happen overnight. But at the same time, you have to have the time to do what it takes to move toward that dream gig.

Bad Relationships. How many of us romance a job to get it? Think about it. You hear that ABC Inc. is hiring. You go to its site and find a job that you think you are qualified to do. Next you cater your resume to suit that position. And then the same thing happens at the company; the person who is hiring is attracted to your resume, and pretty soon there’s a “marriage” proposal. However, down the road, divorce is eminent when one finds out that the other one is not who they said they were.

The match game. This is simple. Are you matching your desires and skill level with the right job? Did you take that job simply because you needed a job. When it comes to a long-lasting and satisfying career, you have to find your match. That means asking yourself the right questions, like “What do I enjoy doing?” and “What do I do best?” Do like eHarmony and play matchmaker. Analyze what you are good at and what you want, and then find the company, or your own business, that match.


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    This causes me to think much more deeply than I had before… I know that God has gifted me to write, so why am I stuck in auditing? For all the reasons listed above… This year I promised myself that I would put more energy toward my passion and take a leap of faith. I hope it goes well. #PrayChurch

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