African American Entrepreneur In A Tech Startup Office

Today, we see an entire generation of new leaders and entrepreneurs alike struggling to make an impact. This is the age of social networking with Facebook, Twitter, Google and mobile technologies enabling people to connect with millions in geographically dispersed locations worldwide. Enterprises from home-based startups to Fortune 500 companies are restructuring workforce and productivity models using efficient collaborative network tools.

Whatever your profession–you will never be able to stand idle or underutilized. Dynamism is the new catchword and anyone who deals with the problem of constant upward mobility needs being ‘fit’ to keep up. It isn’t enough to be merely ‘good’ at one’s work, field or trade; one requires excelling to make the difference. To do so, one has to be totally up to date with the latest that is happening in one’s chosen field.

The biggest issue facing the people today–it is immaterial what your discipline happens to be or how old you are. Yesterday’s skill-set and yesterday’s knowledge has no value. One doesn’t have to be necessarily ‘with it’ but aware and current. You need mental aerobics and skill-set calisthenics to stay ‘in shape’ for the future. Doing this is not the easiest thing to do, but one’s options are limited to progress moving forward.

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