Should You Break Up With Him?


The ‘60s song “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” was right on the money. Few things are tougher in life than telling someone that you can’t be a couple anymore. While it’s probably toughest on the one being broken up with, it’s definitely not a piece of cake for the one initiating the split. Here are some tips to help make the situation go as smoothly as possible.

Don’t do it on impulse. Think about it for a while first. Think about what it will be like without your partner, and if you can handle that. 


  1. kate niyam hudson says

    My partner broke up with me for the past six months now but I still love him,I don’t have feeling for any man up to now my thoughts and dreams are all about Him,sometimes I cry without knowing that am cry the pain am feeling is so much for me.its truly very hard to break up with the person you really loved!

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