Zany Young Geek With Many Dollars Makes Triumphant Face

Money changes people, sort of. I think we all know someone who would be dangerous around a sudden windfall of cash. The worst thing that can happen to this person is money, the reason being that they will rush out and buy copious unnecessary items to fill up the void that is their soul. Hit the jackpot today, hit the mall tomorrow. I met a woman once who was so caught up in brands and the image of wealth that the moment she came into some money (from an insurance payout following a minor car accident that wasn’t her fault), she announced she was dashing out to buy some “Escader,”“Christian Dinor-ah,” “Lewis Vitton” and “Prader.” Clearly, she wasn’t able to even pronounce the brands but now she could buy them all and load up her closets, masking a low self-esteem in her “personal house.”The money wouldn’t help fill up her spiritual bank, her mind and soul. I was saddened by how this woman talked. While I tried to explain to her that the material goods wouldn’t make her happy and satisfied in the end, she wasn’t ready to listen.

What brings to an important detail is I want to address. You are ready to get real and get rich! For some, hearing what I have to say about certain things may make you uncomfortable.

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