The Bastard Child: A Story of Hope, Resiliency and Perseverance

Major Sean P. Hoggs, U.S. Air Force (Retired) learned at an early age that we cannot allow our socioeconomic background or tough start in life to define who we are – and he should know! At age 16, he set out to change a life riddled with drugs and crime, moving from one friend’s house to the next, determined not to end up in jail or, even worse, dead!

The Bastard Child: A Story of Hope, Resiliency and Perseverance (Author House Publishing) retraces the remarkable story of Hoggs’ life and how he conquered adversity time after time. This much-anticipated autobiography recounts the compelling and often haunting story of how this resilient human being, as a kid, faced the rough and violent urban streets of central New Jersey, and came out on top. Although he was abused and sometimes without a place to lay his head, through hard work, resolution and courage, he met the struggle head on and conquered the forces that tried to hold him down. Instead of making excuses and giving up, he went on to become an amazing success story. And the best part is that he has used his own experiences to rise up even further, utilizing the national and international stage to reach back and help countless others. Hogg’s story (Named a 10 Outstanding Young American in 2007) is an absolute must-read for anyone that wants to conquer his/her own personal challenges and hardships.

Sean Hoggs never had it easy, yet he never took the easy way out. He faced abuse, physical and mental, and he did it alone, without help from a loving parent, caring relative or even compassionate neighbor at times. He could have easily made the choice to stay a victim and wallow in a life of crime and misery. Instead, this amazing young man picked himself up time and again and sought the good in life. His triumph over incredible odds and adversity is a testimony to the power of the human spirit. Today, he stands as proof positive that good can prevail. Hoggs shares his powerful story and works as a humanitarian and mentor, taking the time on a regular basis to work with at-risk youth, sharing his own struggles, while enforcing that fact that fame and money from sports and entertainment are elusive and not reality.  Instead, he enforces the reality that a life of integrity, love and family is something not only achievable, it’s worth having. This man is absolute proof that anyone, not matter of age, race, the neighborhood you grew or background, can make it to the top and live the American dream through perseverance, dedication, education and courage.

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