Avoid toxic people like drugs and just say “no.”

No matter what you do in life, no matter what you find yourself excelling at, there will always be a few people around who don’t get it. Maybe they don’t want to. Maybe they are envious. Maybe they are just plain ignorant. green

The 4 Toxic Types To Avoid

1.Haters First, you have to recognize them for what they are. Let’s start with the hater. This is a person who provides feedback, but it’s soaked in negativity. He or she is not interested in offering you encouragement or a compliment. That’s the person who wants to hurt you. He or she doesn’t have to have a reason. It’s just the way they are and the best thing to do is block haters from your life. Block their emails, block their friend requests and look at the caller ID on your phone and don’t take their call. Avoid toxic people like drugs and just say “no.”


  1. Leonard says

    I think you left off one. This is the person that shares information and encourages you without you even asking. Then, as they see you becoming successful they start telling you to slow down, or that you should do things a different way. When you ask their opinion because of their wealth of information they no longer want to offer it. They switch from being your friend to the authority figure. I refer to this person as the pseudo supporter.

  2. Sandra says

    I can really appreciate reading a post like this and anyone who is scheduled for promotion will keep this as a blueprint, because when God has a paved road of Destiny for you to travel on you just can’t take everybody with you!!!

  3. says

    Great advice…and timely for me, but don’t forget the Saboteurs…they feign belief in you to deliberately sabotage the operation. And can we leave out the Copy Cats they spy out the operation and duplicate your every move..

    • Clara DeLay says

      Can spot the haters and sabateurs immediately, but the copy cats caught me off guard! Who would have thought that educated and accomplished adults in their own right could not think for themselves?! DAYEM! Cutting time…

  4. Maurice says

    He that has a glow can some times blind those who can not appreciate the shine of others. This is not an issue for the individual that shines but clearly reflects human weakness…..the cure,,,,,humility and gracefulness !

    Peace&blessings !

  5. Letina says

    I experience this on high level but u must cut ties on toxic people…regardless who they are…this article confirms I DID RIGHT THING!

  6. says

    Awesome post, Dr Gray. Toxic people end up causing more damage to people around them than they do to themselves. This is why I’m also of the opinion that they should be avoided like the plague.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this sensitive topic. I have shared this post with those who read my blog. I hope that’s okay. If not, please let me know and I will take it down. Have a blessed weekend!

  7. Jeremiah says

    Thanks a million for sharing, the world needs more people like your kind. Just to comment about haters; there are also these type of haters who don’t care if you’re succesful or not, they will still hate you regardless.

  8. says

    I been realship with a person on drugs and finally let that person go its hurts when try to help somebody and he dont help u with any thing bill are nothing I felf hejealous of me I feel like I did this to my self its ok cause what go around come around took over my house eat up my food..

  9. Heather says

    This is so true and right on time for me! I can’t believe how hard people work at keeping trouble going! If they put as much effort into their work they too could be successful! Haters, saboteurs, pseudo supporters,and especially copy cats! Im blessed by the best!
    This cannot be taken away or duplicated!

  10. says

    Hey guys and Thankyou dr Gray , I’ve had every one of these in my 32 years of life it’s hard to see without being shown what they are which is parasites sucking life from us to make them abit stronger but the thing is with god in our hearts they will not sit in the heavenly seats we all have (oh ppl of god it is time to throw off the sense of defeat time to abandon the belief things will always be as they are now ) Hebrews 1:14. Be strong I say it to myself every day

    Peace to all x

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