Smart Goal Setting Concept

Missions and plans are only the beginning. A recipe for chicken pot pie will just sit there unless you get cooking. Ingredients alone won’t change your life. You need a chef. They require action. Your debts won’t shift from the bad side to the good until you attach a mission and a goal to them and then get cooking. The same is true of success. You can’t achieve it until you attach a mission and goal, and then put it in the oven! This is the bigger picture I’m talking about.

One of the first set of “ingredients” I ever had was a mission to be a talk show host. But here was the problem: I had no idea how to put the recipe together because I knew nothing about being a talk show host or even landing a gig. At the time I was 15 years old living in Las Vegas with an idea for a radio program geared at other teenagers. So, I grabbed the Yellow Pages and called radio stations asking questions. Eventually, I learned that I had to speak to a “Program Director.” Those were the guys who would listen to my pitch, which was: “Teenscope: The 911 and 411 reality teen talk show.” Long story short, I was rejected across the board. Across Las Vegas, I even went off (after someone recommended it) and produced a pilot to demonstrate a test sampling of what my intended show would be like, hoping that would land me a deal somewhere. But, it didn’t. No one wanted to take my show.

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