Diet, Sleep, Exercise And Mindset

Getting into healthy habits, when it comes to money, is step one. Imagine not having to actually think about putting your financial house in order, because knowing what to do to reach your goals comes naturally. Wouldn’t life be so much easier (and less stressful), if you didn’t have to focus so much on making sure you are doing the right thing day in and day out to support your dreams?

I like this to going on a “diet.” Diets are for people who haven’t transformed their minds to automatically think a certain way that makes healthy living instinctive. The vast majority of those who have achieved optimum health and who maintain their ideal weights year after year don’t think all that much about what they eat and how often they need to exercise. Why? Because they practice a lifestyle that supports their health and fitness; they don’t need the structure of a “diet” as they are already programmed to live well.

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