8 Ways To Walk By Faith

walk by faith, footprints in the sand

It’s true that nothing worth having in life comes easy. And sometimes that journey to our goals can be trying and make us feel like we will never reach the top. And that’s when your faith has to kick in and push you to the next level.

No, it’s not easy, and it may actually be the biggest test you’ve encountered so far. So take a deep breath and follow these tips to a stronger you using your faith in the Lord!

Don’t panic. Don’t worry so much. That’s not what the Lord intended when He gave you a gift/talent to take to a higher level. God will not abandon you in the middle of the journey, or at any other time for that matter. Give Him the weight. That’s right. All you have to do is ask for relief, and then move on, because it’s done. Finito.

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  1. says

    This came to my inbox at such an appropriate time. I was determined to continue working hard. I published my first book without the proper editor and in writing the second book I have a great editor and have faith that I will not have to self-publish in the end. But the journey of learning to not only have patience, but work at the level of excellence that God expects has been hard at times. Thank you for your inspirational and uplifting posts as I also follow you on twitter and FB. Stay Blessed!

  2. Yolonda Aldridge says

    Reading this has really helped me. I have been so down and depressed for the past few days because I am unemployed and am constantly being turned down for jobs. I am six weeks away from completing my MBA and was beginning to doubt its value, but reading this helped to remember that God does have something greater in store for me. Thank you Mr. Gray!

  3. says

    This article is SO Good! Farrah you are such an encouragement to me as a young Christian Entrepreneur to keep pressing ahead onto bigger and greater things, letting nothing stop me and working to change the way I think and believe in myself to a greater degree! God Bless you!

  4. ce ce says

    Thanks so much for your inspirational messages on Faith . sometimes I have to be reminded. . It can be hard when you battling a debilitating illness like multiple sclerosis , and your a single mom trying to keep a roof over your head . I understand God won’t put more on me that I can bare .your website is definitely going in my favorites. Thanks so much !

  5. Maurice says

    Great post Farrah!

    Acknowledging God in all we do is in and of itself a task the some fall short of…..but the hope that is that we all continue to strive for salvation and success.

    Keep teaching and preaching the good news…. stay motivated and moved to help your fellow brother & sister.

    Peace&blessings !!!

  6. Lola J says

    Hi Farrah, I’m from and live in the UK and ever since spotting you on the Monique chat show some years ago, I have been a fan of your work. You are an inspiration and I must say this post is very apt for me. I am an author of four published works and have remained moderately successful whilst working full time in health. I have now given up my safety cushion and as of this Friday will be a ‘full time writer. Scary AND exciting. My mantra throughout this process has been ‘be still and know that He is God.’ Thank you!

  7. Martha I. Garcia says

    It’s is said… when the student Is ready, the teacher will arrive.
    In prayer and willingness, for truth, even if with heartaches, I petition and was answered.
    Since then only that has been, and although difdicult to bear, I am thankful. Too, has been a challenge to keep my peace and wait on God. Yet, deep inside, if I allow it to be, I know what my respond should or not be. It’s a choice I need to make at every moment thought, hurts, pain, etc invade me.
    Yet, God ministers when my heart is willing and seeks Him.

    HERE IS ONE MORE EXAMPLE OF GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY in the works, to my aid.

    Thank you Lord and Thank you Farrah Gray for being an instrument of the Lord!!!

  8. Tru Millz says

    Wow is soooo right on point. I feel my faith will be stronger now. I’m sharing this with everyone because they need to know this. Thank you sooo much Farrah.

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