8 Lessons On How You Can Cash In Like Kevin Hart

Seems every time that you turn on the TV, there’s Kevin Hart. He’s got the top movie (“About Last Night”) at the box office, an incredibly popular TV show “Real Husbands of Hollywood”) and he’s a hot stand-up comic. Every talk show, the entertainment news magazines and every late night show worth a dime have had him on as a guest in recent weeks.

Did this just happen?

Nope. Hart has been working at it for years, about 15 to be exact. Here are some keys to his incredible success.

• He’s a social media monster. For real. Dude has more followers on Twitter than Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock combined. But even more key than the amazing numbers is his own personal touch. An assistant doesn’t handle his account; he does it himself. He totally stays in touch. “I choose to make them a part of my journey,” he says of his fans.

• He was a shoe in as an entrepreneur. At 18, Hart was already making it as a shoe salesman. He was so good, that Nike made him an offer. But he knew what he really wanted to do, so he quit his job and started his journey to stardom.

• He was determined. He had a dream and that’s what he followed. Understand his fortitude: it has basically taken him 15 years to reach the level of stardom that he once only imagined.

• He’s never been afraid to work hard. As a stand-up comic, he would sometimes do seven shows on a weekend. He always was willing to do what it took to get his name out there and build his craft.

• He stays humble. The fame and fortune does not go to his head. He doesn’t turn down a gig or an opportunity to expose and expand his brand. He still makes jokes about himself and endears his fans to him by continuing to wear the regular guy persona.

• He listens to those who have gone before him, such as Chris Rock, Jay Z and Arsenio Hall. In fact, Hart credits Rock with giving him one of the best tips ever: stay true and stay focused on developing your own brand. Hart has followed that advice. He admits it may have taken longer to get where he is, but no one can take it from him, either.

• He practices. Remember how Michael Jackson would still spend hours each day working on dance moves and new material? He was arguably the biggest star in the world, but he still worked at being better. Hart is like that. He doesn’t sit on the butt waiting for the checks to roll in. He’s constantly looking for new ways to grow as an artist.

• He turns life into fun. Understand that the road to success hasn’t always been paved with gold for Hart. He’s experienced the lean times and dealt with many of the same issues most people have, such as divorce and family tragedy. Hart has endeared people to him by turning those life experiences into comedic revelations. He’s able to make people laugh at the very same things that made him cry. And that’s genius!

“The only time you should look back in life is to see how far you have come.” Kevin Hart.



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