7 Truths About Relationships We Can’t Avoid


When you make a commitment to someone, you want it to last. While looking good and providing financial security are key elements to a successful relationship, making memories and sharing are just as important.

1. Leave the drama at the door. Make your mate feel comfortable around you. And if you do fuss, do so fairly. Don’t call him/her names. Don’t threaten him/her. Listen. Don’t interrupt. If you are too upset to be calm and cool, go to another part of the house until you can calm down.


  1. nia says


    I just read your article and was wondering what I should do if I do all of those things for him but he does not do them for me. It’s like he’s done showing he cares or just doesn’t care yet he’s still around and says I love you back but doesn’t say it first for the most part. I’m sorry I’m rambling I’m just so confused and not sure of what to do.

  2. jacque says

    I read these and now u tell me this…even I get things wrong…I need to think more b4 reacting first…

  3. Philtece harrison says

    What do you do whn ur doing everything that a great women would do and as a woman telling my mate that I’m not gonna put up with the cheating and lies wat do I do to make him feel like I do he loves me I know but he has a mind frame of idc and u didn’t love me no way I need help cause if he doesn’t change he gonna loose me n I’m a great women I cook :clean sex 24/7 n neway ne how make sure his clothes laid out for work all the above HELP ME MAKE A MAN OUT IF HIM

  4. Valerie Gray says

    I truly love your books.I so love my relationship never been so loved or happy before i dicover your books your the best Farrah Gray may God bless you forever .

  5. says

    I have a fiance that I’ve known for 17 years and dating for nine I found evidence of affairs with escorts and other so far as I know 3 I do all with him so there is no reason but men will be men. I know what we have is real but when I ask questions never loud calm I get aggression and don’t know why I am a new York woman too me a minute to calm my attitude and assertiveness I learned to calm down before I blank and I have yet to snap been calm asking with the proof in my hand and he stills denies it ugh I don’t know anymore

  6. says

    Yeah I said escort I need to clarify I found messages after a good morning love from some chick at 7 am my problem is DON’T PLAY ME LIKE I BOO BOO THE FOOL STUPID IS NOT ON MY FOREHEAD I AM A CRIMINAL JUSTICE STUDENT I AM TRAINED TO INVESTIGATE ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY AM I WRONG FOR WANTING TO MAKE IT WORK

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