7 Reasons Why Most Men Don’t Want To Get Married


So you’re making the big step. You’re taking the plunge. Getting attached to the ol’ ball and chain. Don’t get the wrong idea. Having a steady love has a tremendous amount of advantages. But if you’re a dude, there are some things you are going to have to get used to (and ladies, you might want to check this out, too, so you appreciate what your man is doing for you).

• Your weekend – you might be able to squeeze out Sunday’s game with the fellas, but much of your weekend is going to used for quality time with your s.o. (significant other) or performing the tasks you have been assigned – mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, bathing Rover.

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  1. Jeanette H Fonseca says

    I have a question for all the guys. Since you guys like inocent flirting like some call it. Is also ok for your lady or wife to do the same?

  2. Billiejean says

    After 6 years together and june 12 14 will be our 4 years marrage and last jine he just walk away and left me homeless and im still have a hard time get on my feet

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