5 Things You Shouldn’t Do If He’s Cheats on You


The first thing that you want to do when you find out that your man has stepped out on you is kick his ass. It’s not an easy thing to control your emotions, but there are three things you want to work on when you are sure (preferably with evidence):
– Take back your power.
– Keep your dignity
– Don’t do anything that will land you in the slammer.

Easier said than done, right?

Here’s what you need to do to win in this situation.

• Don’t say anything until you have evidence. Don’t go by what Keneisha said or what you think. You have to have proof… a receipt, a text message, a selfie of him and his side chick. If you don’t have proof, he will cover his tracks or worse, go undercover even deeper.

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  1. Jahdess says

    My husband cheated. I had suspicions but he discounted everyone of them with an “I love you”, or a “i would never do that to you “… but he did. I actually found out from the other woman saying she was tired of being the one in the dark. She had the nerve to say that I ruined her life because when I found out he broke it off… allegedly. Now? In learning to live me again and trying to move on.

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