5 Signs He Just Using You For…

Using You

Ladies, take stock in your dating partner. There are signals that you need to be hip to that will tell if your dude is “just not into you.”

1. Time. When you are with him, you start feeling like time is not on your side. That’s your intuition talking. Listen to it. If it seems he never has any time for you, take look-see. One thing that will always remain true is that a man will always make time for things or people that are important to him, especially the love of his life.


  1. Lindsay says

    Only one I don’t necessarily agree with is the last one…My boyfriend and I have decided to keep our relationship quiet on social media for now. We have both had relationships break up in the past and having to clean up those pictures, comments, and answer all those questions on social media made it worse. We agreed to keep our relationship more private and sacred, and make it more public when we feel we are engagement-ready.

  2. VADB says

    Reading this , i wish i’d read this article before. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and heartache now.

  3. shaunda says

    I have been out of the dating scene for a minute and it was nice to read an article that could give me clues and warnings that I shouldn’t ignore.

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