5 Reasons Why Weekend Warriors Win

Most successful people are adept at mixing business with pleasure, especially on the weekends. That doesn’t mean they work 24/7. It means they know how to stay fresh and focused on what’s important.

And what’s important most of all is family life. Weekends are the ideal time for business heads and entrepreneurs to chill, go with the flow and kick back. This is the time for spouses, kids and mom and pop. After all, too much work results in stress, which in turn can hinder productivity.

That’s not to say the smart ones are all play. Relaxing weekend time also provides the opportunity for deeper thinking on problems that require more thought than usual. Being away from the office clears the mind, though, and provides the opportunity to reflect on recent events.

They Work It Out

Exercise refreshes the body and stimulates the brain. Weekends are a great time to take a jog, play ball with your kids or stroll through the park with your loved one. Walk the dog, join a gym, play football with your homies instead of being an armchair quarterback. Keeping the body in shape will help keep the mind sharp.


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