5 Brain Tricks That Can Make You Smarter

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It’s one thing to work hard and another to work harder. If it seems there isn’t enough time in a day to complete your To-D0 list, maybe it’s time you learn how to shift into a higher gear. In order to accomplish this, we are going to have to hack into your brain. Don’t worry – it won’t hurt a bit!

1. You probably already have a To-Do list. Now we need to create a Don’t-Do list. So open your head and look inside to find the things that you do that take time but are not very productive. Get out the note pad. Make a list of your habits and rituals, and then look and see which ones aren’t worth a damn and take time away from completing the important tasks.

For example, do you have to stop every morning at the coffee drive-thru? It can take up time and money. Why not invest in a coffee maker (they are so much more sophisticated today and can even make fancy lattes) and make your own while you read the paper? You will save money in the long run and kill two birds with one stone, and lessen your footprint on the environment with one less cup to throw away everyday.

Hack that brilliant brain and pull out the routines, habits and rituals that take time but don’t add to your life or help you in reaching for your goals.

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