4 Types of People You Need In Your Life

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1. A Red Carpet Friend – You need a friend who will roll out the red carpet for you… Someone who thinks very highly of you and often times see more potential in you than you see in yourself… You can do no wrong in this person’s eyes… At least if you do they are not quick to tell you about it.They would rather pat you on the back and applaud you for the good things that you do. This person will always be there for you. You can count on them. Trusting them has never been an issue. The red carpet friend is so into you and whatever you do, like an SWV jingle. A red carpet friend is not to be confused with a stalker.

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  1. jaiden says

    Hello I am so proud of you and your success and the knowledge and wisdom you often pour out to assist others on their journey. So I celebrate you, have a blessed life always 🙂

  2. Sammie samba says

    Great insight bro. Thanks for your words & for sharing these powerful nuggets for helping people achieve their goals in life. GOD BLESS YOU SIR!

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