19 Places To Find A Good Man

Good Man

You can wait on the lord all day to send you a good man, but that’s going to be difficult for him to do, if you never leave the house. Finding a good man these days is not easy, a woman can help ease the process of finding Mr. Right simply by knowing where to go. With women outnumbering men 2 to 1, a woman has to be strategic if she doesn’t want to be single forever.

Here are a few places that are great for meeting a good man.           


1. Business Conferences – While the first thing that comes to mind is that men are only looking for an extra-marital fling on business trips, there are still quite a few single, ambitious, smart men at seminars and business conferences. Since the atmosphere is business, it’s very easy to approach and ask a man who he is and what he does. Meet greet and start up a conversation… Just be sure to check his left hand for the presence of a ring or tan lines.


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