13 Stars Who Battle Severe Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

We see them in glitz and glamour, on the red carpet or even looking good just hanging out. But there are a lot of celebrities who face medical issues, just like a lot of us. Some go public to inspire others, while some keep their problems quiet to keep their image intact.

Halle Berry has to work hard to keep that gorgeous shape, and we’re not just talking about working out. She is a diabetic and must take some form of insulin to keep her blood sugar in check. Early in her career, the Oscar-winning actress actually went into a diabetic coma. Actress and former “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd also has diabetes. And multi-award winning music star Patti LaBelle is another victim of diabetes. LaBelle was famous of course for her singing, but also for her cooking, with fried chicken and mac n’ cheese are her specialties. Since her diabetes diagnosis, however, she has learned to eat the right foods and exercise to keep the disease under control.

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