Video Of 16-Year-Old Kobe Taking Over A High School Hoops Game Is As Awesome As You Think


Reports: Huffington Post

No surprise here: Kobe Bryant was an amazing basketball player when he was in high school.

In the video above—which was just unearthed by Lakers Nation—you can see highlights from a game that featured the Black Mamba scoring 29 points in the second half to lead Lower Merion High School to a 75-70 playoff win.

After Ferguson, America Still Can’t Discuss Race


Police Shooting Missouri

Reports: Huffington Post

The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, have the eerie feeling of something that we have all seen before, but are experiencing through a filter of new media, but also new politics.

It is now normal that many of us learn about events like the shooting of Michael Brown and the violent police response to the demonstrations that followed through social media rather than through major news outlets.