Jurors sob as they hear how horrific details of how eight-year-old Boston bombing victim Martin Richard died in pain after he was hit by marathon blast

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Martin Richard

Reports: Daily Mail

Jurors sobbed in court today as a medical examiner detailed the horrific and painful injuries suffered by eight-year-old Martin Richard, who was killed in the Boston bombings.

Testifying in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial on Monday, Massachusetts’ Chief Medical Examiner Dr Henry Nields, who performed the child’s autopsy, revealed Martin had suffered injuries to nearly every part of his body.

Dr Nields was the last witness for the prosecution before it rested its case on Monday.

KNOCKING OUT CANCER: The Mayweather Twins Helps Cancer Patients Stress Less with New Organization

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The Mayweather Twins

The Mayweather Twins

By Ariel Rainey

Breast Cancer is a disease that affects all women of different ethnicities, however African American women die from the condition more than any race. This fact was a reality for Suzette and Alesiette Mayweather and is the inspiration behind the creation of their nonprofit, 1 LESS STRESS, where they raise awareness about breast cancer for men and women of color.

1 LESS STRESS was the brainchild of Suzette and Alesiette’s Mother, Gladys Wright-Shamlin, who wanted her experience with breast cancer to be used as hope for individuals fighting the disease.
Suzette and Alesiette Mayweather are modern day Renaissance women whose love of music has culminated in an extensive career spanning over two decades. They previously sat on the board for The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation, founded by five-division boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and heads Mayweather Entertainment Music Group where they have consulted for artists such as R. Kelly Kim Burrell etc. I sat down with one of the dynamic duo, Suzette Mayweather, and talked about how she’s using her experience in the music industry to raise awareness in urban communities.

ARIEL RAINEY: Suzette, I am honored to speak with you regarding your courageous fight to raise awareness about breast cancer and all cancers in the African American community.

Suzette Mayweather: Thank you! I am so passionate about fighting for our community to become aware about breast cancer and to help those battling this disease to not have any stress. This is a passion for me.