Meet the biracial woman who grew up believing she was white until uncovering her mother’s affair with the African American father she never knew she had

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Family secret

Reports: Daily Mail

A woman who grew up believing that she was a white Jewish girl with two Caucasian parents has created a powerful documentary which details her discovery that her biological father is actually a black man with whom her mother had a brief affair.

Lacey Schwartz, 37, only learned the truth about her birth – and her heritage – when she was 18 years old, while she was applying to college and was identified by one of the institutions as being black.

Nun complains of stomach pains… and GIVES BIRTH: Sister who had ‘no idea’ she was pregnant has a baby boy at hospital in Italy

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Reports: Daily Mail

A cloistered nun has stunned her mother superior and sisters after giving birth to a baby boy after complaining of severe stomach pains.

The sister, who belonged to an order in Macerata, in the eastern Italian region of Le Marche, claimed to have no idea she was pregnant when she was rushed to hospital in agony, after which she gave birth.

The South American nun, who arrived at the convent in June, when it is supposed she was already pregnant, was taken to the emergency department of ‘Bartolomeo Eustachio’ di San Severino Marche by her fellow sisters.

Doctors quickly unravelled the cause of the mysterious ailment, Il Corriere Adriatico reported.

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Teacher sends father a stern note scolding him for his daughter’s ‘unhealthy’ pack lunch of ‘chocolate, marshmallows, a cracker and a pickle’ – unfortunately for the school, dad’s a doctor

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Request declined

Reports: Daily Mail

One Missouri dad was shocked to receive a letter from his daughter’s substitute teacher telling him he had packed her a lunch that was too unhealthy.

The girl’s father Justin Puckett, who is a family doctor, posted the letter, written on orange paper to his Facebook, outraged at the ‘Big Brother’ approach from the Kirksville Primary School teacher.

Aging New Orleans Saints owner is ‘sick’ and being manipulated by ‘gold-digging’ third wife, claims daughter in lawsuit filed after she and two children were cut out of his will

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Tom Benson

Reports: Daily Mail

The 87-year-old owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans caused a massive shake-up on Wednesday by cutting his daughter and grandchildren out of his will and announcing that his much-younger wife Gayle would instead take control of the teams when he dies.

In a press release, Tom Benson said that the move was for the long-term health of his franchises and the community, and insured that his daughter and grandchildren ‘will be very well taken care of after I die’.

Father makes emotional video calling out students who ‘bullied and made racial slurs’ towards his adopted eighth-grade daughter

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Reports: Daily Mail

An enraged father has made an emotional YouTube video calling out two high schoolers after they made racial slurs about his adopted African American daughter.

Brad Knudson, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, struggled to contain his tears as he recalled how his eighth-grade daughter, whom he and his wife adopted 11 years ago, was targeted by bullies.